[sword-devel] Mac OS X/Darwin port

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Hi there all, esp Chris (who perhaps can help me?):

I was wondering what state the os x port was in atm?  I just nabbed the 
latest stuff from cvs, and it doesn't compile with the suggested 
alterations to the .cfg file, and I tried the 1.5.2 release, but it 
complains about the supposed bug in one of the libs included with os x, 
which the cvs version doesn't complain about (it compiles the swmgr.cpp 
class fine)...
I shall hopefully get time this weekend to look into it further, as I 
have no time atm...

and on another note:  has anyone looked into a frontend for mac os x?  
I'm thinking of trying to get gnome somehow on this, or at least the 
parts required for gnomesword, otherwise perhaps it would be a cool 
programming challenge (I've never done mac programming before) to wack 
something together...  :)

nic...  :)

ps: sorry I've been so quiet for the past 4 months -- been overseas 
doing some stuff for the Lord, which left me with no time to read email, 
let alone contribute!  but I'm still here and alive...  :)

On Monday, September 10, 2001, at 10:28 , Chris Little wrote:

> Some kinda cool news to share...
> Troy had a Mac OS X/Darwin port finished for one of the pre-releases,
> but some changes were made to the system that prevented it from working
> correctly with the final release.  Well, now it's all fixed and Sword
> compiles correctly on Mac OS X & Darwin using the included development
> tools and needing only one line (the line that defines the system type)
> needing to be changed in Makefile.cfg.
> Yay. :)
> I tested it too, and it is correctly able to read modules & retrieve
> stuff.
> --Chris

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