[sword-devel] Display settings help

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 12:44:22 -0700

David, and others, below is a rough draft for the display settings help. 
Let me know if there are any corrections and or improvements you would like.


Display Tab
Use these display controls to customize the display of texts.

Use the drop down button of the Scheme Control to display a list of scheme 
names. A scheme can be chosen by clicking on a name. A scheme is a set of 
all the settings for: Text Fonts, font, foreground and background colors 
and size; Verse Number Color; Current Verse Color; and Combo/Edit Fields 
color. Selecting a scheme and clicking OK will cause the settings of that 
scheme to be load the next time The SWORD Project for Windows is loaded.

File Control
Use the File Control button to Save, Delete, Import, or Export schemes.

Module Type
Use the drop down button of the Module Type Control to select the module 
type that changes in Text Font will be applied to. For example: selecting 
Bible Modules will limit changes in Text Font settings to Bible Modules, 
which are what is displayed in the Bible window.

Text Font
Click the Text Font button to make changes in settings for font, font size, 
background color and foreground color.

Verse Number Color
The Verse Number Color setting controls the color of verse numbers in Bible 
modules and for the current verse number in commentary modules. It does not 
change the color of other verse references in commentary text.

Current Verse Color
The Current Verse Color setting controls the color of the current verse in 
Bible modules. If the Current Verse Color Check Box is unchecked the 
current verse will be the same as other verses.

Combo/Edit Fields
The Combo/Edit Fields setting controls the color of fields for current 
verse and dictionary lookup.

Color Window
In the color window click on the color you want and then click on OK.

The Preview displays how changes to the settings will be displayed. If the 
preview display is acceptable click OK. The SWORD Project for Windows must 
be restarted before the new settings will take effect. Click Cancel to 
abort changes.