[sword-devel] next release?

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 18 Oct 2001 10:44:53 -0700

Martin said:
> Well, once KDE 3 is out we'll port BibleTime and make use of 
> the new QT 3 
> richtext and unicode features, including automatic BiDi 
> display and editing. So we won't need the Direction= tag any more.

Terry said:
> I look the other way and hope it fixes it self :)
> The GTK+ 1.3.x text widget is supposed to handle right to left text.


Basically the same (non-)solution is in place in BibleCS.  We just hope
Microsoft handles it correctly in their RTF widget.  Of course, being
MS, they fail to implement BiDi correctly in varying degrees.

Win9x doesn't do it at all.  Win2K/XP do it for Hebrew & Arabic, but not
Syriac.  Even so, because we don't handle it specially, it comes out
looking something like this:

<verse 1 marker> word5 word4 word3 word2 word1 <linebreak>
word8 word7 word6 <verse 2 marker> word10 word9 <linebreak>
word13 word12 word11

where it should probably be:

<linebreak> word5 word4 word3 word2 word1 <verse 1 marker>
<linebreak> word10 word9 <verse 2 marker> word8 word7 word6
Word13 word12 word11

Or if we can't get the contols into a right to left mode, we can add
line breaks after each verse, as I mentioned, and get something that is
at least better than the present situation.

There's also a bug with BiDi on Win2K/XP when you switch direction,
where it places two spaces on one side the switch and none on the other.
This is why I now favor dumping MS's BiDi for ICU. :)