[sword-devel] New modules

Tero Favorin sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 14:20:43 +0200


I would have looked at the swedish bible but, I'm unable to download any 
beta modules. The downloaded files have size of 0 bytes (downloads from 
public site work ok).

Tero Favorin

Chris Little wrote:

>In addition the new modules mentioned on the news page (RSV, HebModern,
>RusMakarij, & WesleyNT), I also posted:
>a locked Thai Bible in the public area
>the Modern Literal Version (MLV) locked in the beta area
>the German 1984 Luther Bibel locked in the beta area
>and the Swedish 1917 Bible in the beta area
>The 3 modules in the beta area require ThML filters that are only
>available in Sword 1.5.3 & the last two alpha builds of Sword (sword.zip
>& sword-icu.zip in the alpha area).