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Barry Drake sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 08:23:56 -0000

Hi .......

On 24 Nov 2001, at 7:26, Don Keeton wrote:
> Why would you want to promote catholism? I don't understand.

Sorry Don - I find your short one-liner unnecessarily provocative, and - I'm 
sorry but it seems to reflect a bigoted attitude towards what we should or 
should not read.  I am not a Catholic (in the Roman sense)  I am a 
catholic belonging to the Holy Catholic Church.  And in addition to our 
beloved and authoritative 66 books, I find the books of the Apocrypha 
very useful at times.  I won't bore the others by posting what I posted 
before.  If you want to take it up with me off list you can.

I have some wonderfully prayerful Spirit Filled Catholic friends, and I know 
whose side they are on!  So pleas, I beg you, don't knosk Catholics out 
of lack of real understanding.

God bless,


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