[sword-devel] Scheduled release of new Sword CD

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 14:52:51 -0800

> As you may know the last Sword CD is from 2000-06-24. This is a really
> long
> time for software CDs :)
> Many programs, texts and libraries changed in the meantime. Shouldn't
> Crosswire  / we release a new version of the CD?
> But I also know that many things are being done at the moment: Better
> unicode
> support, some work on the windows frontend, ICU integration etc.

I don't think that's very long at all. :) I think we should wait until
our current stock runs out before pressing new CDs because they're not
all that cheap (when you're talking about 1000 CDs) and they aren't
making any money to cover losses anyway.  Of course, I don't have
anything to do with it, so Troy can do whatever he likes.

On the issue of money collected for CDs, I would suggest we add an
actual price per CD (including CD, mailer, and postage within the US
since that's the majority of our orders I suspect) to the order form to
make it simpler for customers.  I don't think our users know shipping
costs as well as Troy does.  Or we (Troy) might consider just setting
the price to a nice round number like $4 or $5 per CD.  And he should
not feel bad about making a small profit because it can go towards
funding free handouts. :)

And the longer we can hold out before pressing new CDs, the more stuff
we can add.  We should definitely finish Sword & BibleCS 1.5.3.  Plus
there's a lot of work in compressing modules to be done, so that we can
fit more on the CDs.

I think it would be cool to set up a cronjob to update the CD image
nightly, if we can get it down to 640 or 700 mb either through
compression or by removing locked texts.