[sword-devel] PDAs and WinCE

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 13:19:40 -0800

> I need a recommendation.
> I'm looking for a PDA that will load sword.  Which is best 
> that will also 
> allow other uses (excluding web browsing)?  I would appreciate any 
> comments.

The only PDA for which Sword is confirmed to work is the iPAQ running
Linux.  I imagine the @migo
(http://www.urthere.com/_mobile_hardware/pocketpcs.htm) also does since
it's virtually identical to the iPAQ but with a built in PC card slot.
The same goes for all the other PocketPCs with Linux loaded on them (by
the user).

If you don't necessarily need Sword, you just want the content, the
Agenda PDA and Palm also have Bible readers that will use converted
Sword Bibles.  Check the CrossWire page for links to those projects.
> Am I right in assuming that WinCE version is not available?

Correct.  Someday after 1.5.3 I'll sit down and finish the library port.
But if you get an iPAQ, you could use Linux with micros until we support
WinCE itself.