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	As I go over the sword site I really like alot of the things you
have done! Espchailly the dynamic news.
	Here are a couple things you might want to look at again before we
go live:

-On the main Sword page we need to have a welcome and a little summary of
what the Sword Project is before the news. Some people will not be coming
from the crosswire.org site.
-Instead of having the link as correspondence, it might be better being
support. The reason is that it is important for a user to come to the main
page and quickly get to support because that will be one of the main
reasons for them to come to the site.
-We need to create a mailing list called sword-volunteer I think this will
help us organize volunteers much better and keep people on the mailing
lists because they don't have to see all the develop news. This mailing
list also needs to be added to the mailing lists page along with the
sword-support list.
-when I click instalation instructions from the correspondence link it
brings up the doc section main page but no links on the side to the
installation instructions.
-under the Sword Module add-ins section the link that is under the Help
section on the left navigation: About Locked Modules, does not go anywhere
you get a 401 error.
-Another thought that might be something we add later is credits. A lot of
people do a lot of good work and they should be ackownledged for those
things. We need this on the site somewhere.

	That is about all I can see right now. Of course if other things
are found after we go live to the public we can always update. 

In Christ,