[sword-devel] undefined reference problems

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 12:59:11 -0700

	I'm up to trying anything right now.  I think it will be slower when
developing.  e.g.  When in sword/src/keys, and after changing
versekey.cpp, typing make would then build the .o, move it to the obj
directory, then rebuild the entire .lib
	Maybe we could key off of the debug flag; if debug is true, we'll
assume someone is developing and we should build the way it currently
builds; but otherwise, we'll do your recommended method.  dunno.  what
do you think?


Daniel Glassey wrote:
> I've had a thought about the problems people have been having with undefined references
> where the library isn't being updated.
> Instead of doing the
> $(CROSS_COMPILE)$(AR) $(arflags) $@ $(o)
> in Makefile.post
> would it be better to copy the object files to the obj/ directory when they are created (like
> happens with the shared object files .so).
> The files could be linked into the library in lib/Makefile
> Or is the current way of doing things necessary for any particular system?
> If you think it's a good idea I'll make a patch. The configure patch is ready and I'll post it
> later when I get home.
> Daniel
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