[sword-devel] New BibleCS binary (ICU version) and 2 updated modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 05:47:53 -0800

I've posted a new sword-icu.zip in the alpha area.  It requires the
icudt20.dll file found in icudt20.zip.  (If you had the older
icudt19.dll and don't use Diaspora, you can delete it.)

I'm starting to think we should release BibleCS 1.5.3 WITH ICU 2.0 stuff
(but not necessarily with transliteration enabled).  ICU 2.0 should be
released towards the end of next week.  The reason I think we should
include ICU in 1.5.3 is that there is no other reasonable way for us to
do right to left reordering.  This is one of the major new features of
BibleCS 1.5.3.  It should detect your platform and use what it can from
your OS.  So on NT/2K/XP, Hebrew & Arabic text will flow as paragraphs.
In Win9x or when viewing Syriac, verses will be printed one per line.  I
think this is the best we can do until we move to HTML rendering.

The other major addition is ThML option filters so that we can start
making Bibles with ThML markup.  There is a new ISV posted in the beta
modules area that needs these filters.  You can toggle footnotes,
headings, and scripture cross-references.  In addition to the new
scripture cross-references option, there will also be a lemmas option
for the NA27 that I should have posted soon.  There is also a new RWP in
the beta modules area marked up with ThML and encoded as UTF-8.  This
also requires recent builds of BibleCS because previous ones had the RWP
hardcoded to use a special markup format.