[sword-devel] question and suggestion

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 2 Nov 2001 10:48:52 -0800

> When compiling sword I now see neat messages like
> ../../../include/utilstr.h:79: warning: overflow in implicit constant 
> conversion
> in many places. Is that correct?

I'm not getting this error, but I corrected the signedness of an array
in that file.  Maybe that will fix it.
> A proposal for the already outstanding new SWBasicFilter 
> class (thank you 
> Troy and Terry--it's terrific): it would be nice to have the 
> possibility to 
> access the various options in a tag. Example:
> <tag1 opt1=text1 opt2=text2 opt3=text3> blah </tag1>
> Now I would like to be able to do something like
> string = tag.name;  //"tag1"
> if (tag.hasOption("opt1"))  //true
>   string = tag.getValue("opt1"); //"text1"
> You see I am no xml expert and probably I don't have the 
> terminology correct. 
> But I think this would make creating proper filters for ThML 
> (and probably 
> OSIS too) much easier. But I don't know how complicated this would be.

I talked with Troy about doing more XML-specific stuff in SWBasicFilter
and the idea of a SWBasicXMLFilter came up.  It would subclass
SWBasicFilter and add DOM-type functionality like being able to query
attributes of a tag.  We could use libxml2, but that might be overkill
and it would become one more thing that needs to be ported any time we
port Sword to a new platform.  We could look at creating an EDOM
(http://www.firstobject.com/edom.htm) parser, which would me much
smaller, simpler, and more portable.  There's also the problem of most
of our data not being valid XML, but we'll get that fixed soon enough.