[sword-devel] Mac OS X/Darwin port

nic sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:39:22 +1100

heya again...  :)

I've had a brief look at this stuff...  and have decided not to pursue 
it with X...
I currently have XFree running in rootless mode, btw, (under which gimp 
runs) but have run into issues getting the gal and gdk-pixbuf packages 
to work.   (as in, they fail the ./configure phase of building, and 
playing doesn't help, and I don't wanna actually alter the code, cause 
the point would be to get other ppl to be able to easily do it too!) 
which is pretty close, but not quite close enough...  haven't tried the 
LE version, but since it isn't being maintained, I can't see the point 
of getting it to work...  so, I guess wxWindows is an option...  shall 
look into that...  it seems like a good option...  :)

nic...  :)

> Lots and lots. :)  You could download gnomesword and issue a ./configure
> to see what the first package we need to replace will be.  Gnome-1.4.0,
> GtkHTML-0.14.9, & GAL-0.13.9 seem to be the main necessities listed on
> the GnomeSword page for the latest version.  It might be smarter to
> start with GnomeSword LE 0.4.1 since that doesn't require quite so much.
> But I think it's going to be very difficult in any case until Ximian
> supports Mac OS X.
> Recent builds of XFree for OS X will operate in rootless mode, so you
> get to use Aqua and X-Windows apps simultaneously, though the X apps
> won't have the Aqua UI.
> You could look into wxWindows, but don't bother with Objective C.  I
> don't want to touch Cocoa since I want a front-end that can work on Mac
> OS Classic also, which means we need to use Carbon or something like
> wxWindows.

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