[sword-devel] Issues I have encountered

Stephen Denne sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 23 May 2001 23:28:05 +1200


Some more bugs relating to the handling of the spin buttons, verse references, chapter and book headings, etc:
1. If the verse is equal to 0, the chapter number doesn't stop at the end of the book, but instead at 200. (This gets really
interesting if you start with Revelation of John, after chapter 22 you start seeing other chapter headings interspersed with access
2. Synchronisation between spin controls & what the commentary & bible texts are showing works with 0's if you set them in the spin
control, but if you then change commentary, the commentary you change to shows verse or chapter 1. Also if you type in a verse with
a zero you get redirected to the last verse of the previous chapter. And if you put a chapter of zero you also get the previous
chapter. If you put both verse and chapter 0, you get the end of the chapter before the previous chapter.(And if you put in Mat 1:0,
the text goes to Malachi 4:6 but the commentary jumps to Rev 4:1) Another strange example: type in Mat 0:0 - it changes to Malachi
3:18. Now press the button for next chapter, it changes to Matthew 1:12. Press prev chapter: Matthew 0:12. Press prev chapter:
Matthew 1:6

Stephen Denne.