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Tue, 15 May 2001 08:09:22 +0100

Hi Chris .....

On 14 May 2001, at 13:21, Chris Little wrote:

Sorry I didn't make my point very well .....

What I meant was that NET bible comments are, in the main, not verse 
oriented comments, but specific comments on a particular word or 
phrase.  What the alternative translation possibilities are, and why the 
translator chose this or that particular alternative.  For this reason, the 
comments are linked to specific points in the text, and for the most part 
they would be difficult to follow otherwise.

GBF's footnotes are fine - but would be very cumbersome 'as is' with 
some of the more lengthy NET footnotes.  Something like the GBF 
footnote, but with the notes in a separate window or box from the text 
(tooltip style maybe?) would be needed here.

That is why I mentioned ThML.  Might some of the ThML features (such 
as hyperlinks) be useful in ordinary modules eventually?

> > towards Sword future plans for free text or ThML text, it occurs to me
> > that provision for hyperlinks to other pages will be the only really
> > useful way of displaying the NET bible.  It might be worth making embedded
> > hyperlinks capable of being used in standard modules too, with a suitable
> > filter?
> I don't think I'm understanding you completely, here, but ThML modules may
> have hyperlinks.  There's no guarantee that the frontends will support them
> though.  GBF and RTF have no way of doing hyperlinking on arbitrary objects,
> though you could think of GBF's footnote, Strong's, cross ref, etc. tags as
> a form of hyperlinking.

Every blessing ....


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