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Thu, 22 Mar 2001 02:16:32 -0600

Actually I reported the same problem long ago... it is a problem that is
shared by both NIV and NIB... if you run a search in the OT or "whole
module" you get a "general protection fault" and SWORD shuts down. Also the
text formatting in several of the books of the OT is either freaky or
incomplete.... I be;ieve that is what causes the problem. Unfortunately
being a writer and not a C++ guy I can offer no real solutions. =(

In Christ Jesus,

Hi there .....

Another problem report.  Sorry!  The NIB module seems to have a
problem.  The NT seems OK and the OT only as far as Ezra.  Ezra 2
begins to mess up, and althought there is a lot more text, it does not
seem to be indexed in the ot file.  I havent investigated further.  Just to
make sure I wasn't having a problem with encrypted versions, I
downloaded NIV and NRSV - both of these seem to be OK.

My own version of NIV (converted from Seedmaster - American English
text) includes the footnotes: the download doesnt't, so I'm making mine
available to Troy.

God Bless,


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