[sword-devel] General question

Paul Dean sword-devel@crosswire.org
19 Mar 2001 18:05:32 +0000

I wrote:

> Alexander Garden <agarden@kishwaukeebiblechurch.org> writes:
> > Hi Paul,
> > 
> > We at kishwaukeebiblechurch.org are doing something like what you want,
> > only with tighter control over what gets in.  In our web sermon index we
> > have indexed a little over two thousand sermons from eight sources.
> Thanks for the link, I'm sure I will use the sermon searcher
> extensively.
> > Not much, I realize, but it's a start.
> I think it would be great to pray for God's blessing on the future of
> online sermons!

And for those interested in following this path, I found
http://www.sermoncentral.com/ which seems pretty good too and possibly
more nearly what I had in mind...