[sword-devel] Sword Development Team

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 18 Mar 2001 23:24:20 -0700


> My name is David Trotz Jr. I am very interested in this project you all are
> working on. I am curently praying about joining your team to help in
> spreading God's word, by using the talents He has given me. I ask that you
> would pray that God would lead me as to His will in this.

Of course.  Thank you for taking the time to seek Him before jumping in.

> I am new to C++ so my skills are not great. I have been programming for only
> three years now and only 9 mo of that is C++ related. But I find that
> programming is my bent. It comes easy to me and I enjoy it. I believe it is
> what God created me to do. Do you guys think that you could use me if I find
> that this is where God leads me?

Of course-- again!  We can always use commited engineers with a right
heart.  Praise God for you considering to commit time and energy in this
effort with us.

> If you want to see some of my skills at
> work go to www.uninetsolutions.com/readingplanner It is my first C++
> project. It creates a plan for reading the bible within a specified amount
> of time. It is actually how I found this project. A friend of mine mentioned
> it to me and I found that the Sword project could help me with the next
> iteration of my reading planner project.

Very useful, though I'm not disciplined enough to stick to a plan like
that!  Some mornings I read a chapter, and others I get caught up and
have to make myself stop :)

> Anyhow, to keep this kinda short. I am wondering can you use me? Would you
> be interested in my services? And if so is there any extra documentation
> available for the structure of the C++ classes?

Try our API primer, at: http://www.crosswire.org/sword
Then select 'Development'
Then 'SWORD API Primer'

This should get ya started.  Then I'd grab the source and see if ya can
get some of the tests/ examples/ or even the utilities/ programs
compiled and running.  They are fairly small little programs that you
can change around and experiment with.

	Hope this helps.  Praying for you,

> I will talk more later as I get a feel for what you all are thinking and
> what God wants me to do.
> God Bless,
> David Trotz