[sword-devel] General question

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 09:39:01 -0700

At 09:10 AM 3/13/2001 -0500, Harry Plantinga wrote:
>My name is Harry Plantinga. I'm the director of the Christian
>Classics Ethereal Library. I'm interested in the Sword plans,
>architecture, etc.

Hello, Harry.

It is wonderful to see postings from you on the Sword list. Your library 
has been a great asset to this work. And the developers have been working 
to provide ThML support.

I will let someone else answer your question about Sword specifications. 
There is another topic I would like your input on. Your digital facsimile 
editing system was a topic of discussion here. There was an idea for using 
it in conjunction with unpublished works of current and past scholars. We 
believe there could be valuable works, that could be used as content in 
software like the Sword, that have never been published, or were published 
in very limited ways. If a release to the public domain or a license such 
as GPL could be obtained for them.

We considered contacting lists such as the B-Greek list to see if there was 
any interest. But, we have not contacted any list yet, because we don't 
have a server set up to run your software and didn't know if CCEL has any 
interest in providing space for works that are not yet "classic".

Any thoughts?

Jerry Hastings
Bible Foundation