[sword-devel] new modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 10:37:35 -0700

I re-posted two OLD modules that were removed a while ago: the
Analytical-Literal Translation (ALT) and Gill's Expositor (Gill).  Both
are locked.

I also made two REALLY COOL new modules that no other Bible software has
yet.  I don't even think any other Bible software has anything in these
languages....  There's a Thai translation of the KJV (ThaiKJV), which is
unlocked.  And there's a Tamil Bible, which is locked.  I spent 2
_whole_ days trying to get this Tamil script out of a font-encoding and
into Unicode, but it looks fantastic.  Tamil has some very unusual
characteristics, such as letters that are split onto both sides of
another letter, but the rendering looks faithful to the original.  It
requires a font with Tamil support, such as Arial Unicode MS or Code2000
(to which it is set by default).  I threw up a screenshot of the Tamil
(left window) and Thai (right window) modules at

Enjoy. :)