[sword-devel] FINAL 1.5.2 candidate

David Trotz sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 22:13:48 -0700

I didn't get much time to mess with it, but there was nothing that I could
see that was obviously buggy or broken. My machine is back in order but I
don't have Chineese fonts installed yet, so I couldn't test that. One thing
I did implement in my code was to make it so that the options.conf file
could be created automatically with default settings if it didn't exist.
Right now Sword crashes if it doesn't have this file when opening the
preferences dialog box. I don't see that as a major bug so hopefully you can
wait for my patch and save yourself some work. :) Anyhow, I did test the new
RTF control on a windows 95 machine with only IE 4.01 on it and it ran fine.
So at least we know IE 4.01 is a minimum that works with the new control.
In Christ,

PS Anyone who is interested in listening. My machine is back in order. The
company I purchased the upgrade from warranteed the parts even though the
owner felt I was at fault. I don't know that I was, but it is 80% likely I
was; I may not have re-mounted the fan correctly. It took my partition table
with it and I nearly lost all of my work on sword from last weekend. But
thank God for Linux. For some reason those partitions were not touched and
Linux was able to easily retrieve all of my valuble data onto another hard
drive. I had to use the On-Track drive utilities to re-partition my hard
drive; the DOS fdisk command wouldn't touch the partition tables on my hard
drive. So in short my hard drive is ok and my data is now safe.

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> OK, I think I've fixed the hide/show module bug and have compiled
> against the latest library code.  Let me know if anyone finds any
> problems with this one SOON; otherwise, release is scheduled for late
> tonight (PST).
> Thanks for all your great feedback,
> -Troy.