[sword-devel] Freeware/Shareware packaging of Sword?

nuno barreto sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 21 Jun 2001 17:27:22 +0100

>> Actually, I have talked with Rick Meyers from e-Sword, and he didn't
>> contact anyone to do that, or even autorized it.
>> Same could have happened to Sword, thought it wouldn't be bad, in my
>> opinion.


>I've seen Sword for sale in a collection of software on eBay.  I find it
>kind of offensive that they don't bother to even say thanks or notify
>us, but oh well.



For me, that is different than what I was saying. If people have to explicitly
pay for the contents, thats bad. But if people pay only costs of productio/delivery,
its a totally different thing.

If people pay for the contents, then that is morally wrong. And GPL protects
such a thing. But people can sell only the distribution. That, I see as good.

But, of course, I agree with you that they should at least tell the creators that they
are going to distribute it, and even better, ask permission for doing so.

Nuno Barreto