[sword-devel] Freeware/Shareware packaging of Sword?

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Thu, 21 Jun 2001 15:21:03 +0100

Actually, I have talked with Rick Meyers from e-Sword, and he didn't contact anyone to do that, or even autorized it.

Same could have happened to Sword, thought it wouldn't be bad, in my opinion.

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I received a series of promotional offers from Juno, my e-mail provider.
I noticed it includes e-sword and Theophilos.
I was curious if the thought of offering Sword freely to some of these
freeware/shareware kind of packages has ever been addressed. ( I am
assuming that this is one of those kind of packages.) 
I think it would be a way for probably thousands to find out about the
Sword rather than relying on word of mouth etc...  Plus they wouldn't
have to download to get started and wouldn't have the problem of having
locked version confusion to start with.
Pay only for shipping & handling.
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