[sword-devel] Added new function to the Sword library: SWMgr::Version()

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 18 Jun 2001 10:44:30 -0700

> But I noticed that the BHS module uses "1.5.2" in the 
> MinimumVersion tag, but 
> this is not a float. Troy & Chris, is it possible to change the 
> MinimumVersion tag content to a float like value (1.52)? I'd 
> be glad for 
> this, float is the most fitting data type IMHO.

"1.51a" wouldn't be a float either.  We can make the change so long as
we promise never to use letters or minor versions greater than 9.  But I
would suggest this be done in the library somehow rather than in the
MinimumVersion tag.  "1.5.2" and "1.5.1a" are the versions of the
library, and the tag should accurately represent this.  If you want do
drop the last '.' in the string interally, that should be okay.
Alternately, we could make a version struct with distinct
major/minor/build numbers.