[sword-devel] Re: word selection

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 15 Jun 2001 21:12:14 -0700

This would have to be an issue with the RTF control, but I'm not getting
the problem.  I wonder if I've got a different control from everyone
else, as that would explain why I also get no context menu.  (I've got
Windows 2000, which has RichEdit 3.0.)  Left-click behavior is normal
for me: double click selects word, triple click selects everything.
I can't click Dictionary Lookup since I haven't got that context menu,
but I can copy & paste words from the text into the dictionary text box
just fine.


> > Another problem, with either front-end, or lxxm module, or 
> a filter, 
> > is double clicking to select a word... often in lxxm it 
> only selects 
> > one or two letters.
> A little more analysis: once the word is selected, and 
> dictionary lookup is performed, the word shown that has been 
> looked up is shown like this "pate?e?" and for that word, 
> double clicking on different parts of it select either the 
> "pate", or the last three letters individually. So I'm 
> guessing that the windows front-end needs a slight tweak.