[sword-devel] beta 1.5.2 WIN32 binary available

Troy A. Griffitts sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sat, 09 Jun 2001 01:22:04 -0700

Well, I haven't heard anything on the latest binary for a bit.  This is
the 1.5.2 release candidate, so if anyone has trouble with it, speak now
or forever hold your peace.

Just to reiterate.  We're using a new RTF control for each of the three
text display areas.  This control allows us to view unicode modules.

Though I'm interesting in unicode feedback from everyone, I'm also
interested to hear if we broke anything for non-unicode modules! :)

Please take the time to try it out if ya can.  It would be good to hear
about successes on different platforms.  I believe this control is
included in all 98+ windoze OSs, and has probably been installed by
another app on NT4/95 boxes.  I think IE 4-something installs it.


> Thanks for all the quick feedback.  New binary with some of these things
> fixed.