[sword-devel] new/updated modules

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 6 Jun 2001 19:56:53 +0200

> The Morph tags in our old modules (the 6 I just listed) follow an
> OLB-proprietary format that basically assigns Strong's numbers to TVM
> data.  The Morph tags in the LXXM and the morphologically tagged GNTs
> that I'll be working on use Packard's morphological analysis codes.
> LXXM uses a simplified version (and there's a doc included with full
> explanation) but the more complex version can be seen here:
> http://www.shamash.org/tanach/tanach/text/bhs.info/grkmorph.txt.  It
> seems as though we should probably create some way to parse these and
> output non-abbreviated information.

Hi Chris,

thank you for the information. I believe morphological analysis will be very 
important for sword later. What direction are you moving to concerning this? 
What about morph searching (e.g. search all optatives)? Is that a frontend 

The GBF spec has only a small (actually unusable) number of morph tags.

xxxx are one or more characters with specific meanings that apply to the 
previous word's tense, gender, number, etc.:
A = aorist
P = plural
S = singular
[to be expanded] 

Should we try to get this updated (new gbf spec) using your grkmorph 
definition rather than putting proprietary tags into gbf? And what about 
hebrew? (http://www.shamash.org/tanach/tanach/text/bhs.info/bhsmorph.txt?)