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Fri, 01 Jun 2001 23:08:29 -0700

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To: Patrick Durusau <pdurusau@emory.edu>
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	FINALLY getting around to responding...

> I am part of "Project eL" (http://www.leningradensis.org) which is an
> effort to create a public domain version of the Leningrad Codex (oldest
> complete Hebrew Bible). We have permission from the German Bible Society
> to use what is known as the eBHS text as a starting point. The problem
> with the eBHS text is that it "corrected" a number of errors in the text
> and left out a good deal of the material found in the codex. For our
> first pass, we want to focus on the base text (which is relatively
> accurate) and then build upon that to add the material left out in the
> eBHS text.

This is coooool.

> What I envision is a Unicode compliant Postgresql database backend with
> a Java applet frontend that operates to allow:
> 1. Registration by users

We have a sample jsp registration page for users that stores data via
jdbc to interbase.  Since we use jdbc, the switch to store to postgresql
would be very minor.  I wrote these pages as examples to our HTML
maintainer so they might see how to access the database on our server. 
You can view them on our box at:
source: /home/sword/html/development/reg
running: http://www.crosswire.org/sword/development/reg/

> 2. Proofing/correction of the text by users
> 3. Presents the text stored in the database one verse at a time
> 4. Presents an interface for editing Hebrew without regard to the font
> on a user's local machine

I don't know a whole bunch about IME support (entering data in different
modes other than standard keyboard + left -> right).  I can look around
and try to figure it out.  I also don't know the success that you'll
have getting an applet to access the database thru most of the firewalls
up these days.  You might have better luck trying to get it done
entirely with html (jsps, etc.) keeping the database access local to the
webserver.  Otherwise you might be able to get an applet to make an HTTP
request to a webserver to get the data.  We can talk more about it.

> We will be converting the text once proofed into XML that preserves
> line, column and page breaks as data. Each character will bear a unique
> ID so that we can construct/reconstruct the text in any number of
> structures (there are serious disagreements about word breaks, etc.).

I'm not sure I understand the BASE 'El' from which your users will do
entry.  Will we show them a scanned image, and let them do the data
entry?  Will we prepopulate the database with eBHS and then somehow show
'El' side by side and let them enter corrections?

> Do you think some of your programmers would be interested in roughing
> out such an interface? This is a completely volunteer project and the
> base text will be freely available to anyone for any purpose when
> completed.

Yes!  I will post your message to our developers' forum.  You might
consider joining to see the response.  You can join by sending an email
to: majordomo@crosswire.org with the body of the message containing:
subscribe sword-devel

> What I envision is a relatively simple interface for registration as
> well as editing the text. A user can select a book, chapter, verse
> reference and the text displayed will be the most recent version saved
> to the database.
> Note that I do not need bidi support, just right-to-left since all the
> editable text will be in Hebrew.

bidi meaning BOTH right->left and left->right in the same control?

> Can you give me an idea of how much more detail you would need or
> perhaps even a form that would guide me towards giving you enough
> information?
> The basic aspects of it, accessing the database, registration, etc.,
> could probably be done more quickly by someone other than me but I am
> willing to give it a try. My basic stumbling block is the handling of
> the Hebrew right-to-left and calling the font from a server. I may be
> able to get an OpenType font for use in the interface if that would
> help.

Check out the unbound bible at http://www.unboundbible.com and see how
they display with HTML.  See if this might meet your needs.

> Thanks for all your hard work on the OSIS project! I hope that you find
> this project interesting as well or can at least point me towards
> someone who might be able to help.

Yes!  We need good free texts!!!  I'm excited about your project and its
greek counterpart.

> I would like to run out an alpha quality applet by mid-summer but
> understand if that has to slip somewhat.

Once we decide exactly how we wish to proceed, we should be able to hit
this deadline with no problem.

	Looking forward to working with you on this!