[sword-devel] Splash Screen graphic for BibleCS/OpenSword

Timothy R. Butler sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 26 Jul 2001 00:55:50 -0500

Hello everyone,
  David Trotz asked me to create a splash screen graphic for the upcoming 
BibleCS program, and I have the initial graphic finished and ready for 
examination (gulp). :-) You can find the graphic at:


   The latter graphic format is the native format for the Linux-based 
graphics program that I created the image in (The GIMP). Right now the name 
in the graphic says "The OpenSword Bible," however this can be changed at the 
time that a name is settled on.
   The verses in the background are from Ephesians chapter 6 (ASV), which 
David suggested to me. They were copied from my ASV Sword module (of course!) 
using BibleTime. 

   In Christ,

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