[sword-devel] Separating Languages

Geoffrey W Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 21:37:51 -0700

        I know the topic of separating the languages on the download site
has been discussed.
I was wondering if the topic of separating the languages in the install
manager has been addressed.
It would sure make it more user friendly if a person could go right to
the language group they would use and check the appropriate texts. As the
number of text modules increases I believe the list of texts becomes
tedious to scroll through for any  user.

        I don't suppose there would be enough free server space to set up
a Full CD ISO and an English version ISO. It would sure save a lot of
download time. Then if someone wanted to add other languages they could
download the specific language texts that they needed. Yet if someone
wanted every version they could take the time to download the Full CD. I
am sure individuals in our church would probably use the Spanish texts. I
don't think anyone in our congregation would use the Swahili. But if they
wanted the Spanish or Swahili they could freely download and add them. If
there was UNLIMITED server space I suppose an ISO could be made for each
major language group.
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