[sword-devel] New Web Site

Joe Walker sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:20:50 +0100

Barry Drake wrote:
> BTW - the JW's as far as I know split
> from the Chistadelphians in the early days (am I right?)

Umm. No.
I don't know a lot of JW history, but I do know about Christadelphian
history, and it doesn't feature JWs anywhere!

> Since I mentioned the Trinity - I'd like to suggest that you, I and maybe
> all the members of this list have slightly varying ideas as to *exactly* 
> what the Trinity is and means - to my mind that's fine, as long as you 
> don't try to force me to agree with your view and vice versa.  Wars have 
> been fought over less!

Can I echo this - despite being a Christadelphian, and not claiming to be
a Trinitarian, I have in found myself in agreement with Trinitarians
over the relationship between God and Jesus. I think there is a large range
of views with both extremes being unscriptural, BUT a huge amount of
confusion caused by the imprecision of English.

But we are getting off track so I will shut up.

> This is *exactly* what my dearly beloved Christadelphian friends say.  
> They are completely and absolutely devoted to Bible Inerrancy (second 
> only to God - and they are seven day (literal) creationists.

Some are, some aren't, some like me say - "Can't be sure", but enjoy a
good debate none the less.