[sword-devel] New Web Site

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 19 Jul 2001 17:21:05 +0200

> One point:  "We are working on a statement of faith".  I find this a bit
> worrying.  In the short time I've been a module developer, I've talked with
> folk from all persuasions including a Christadelphian.  I don't think we
> could actually go any further than: "We believe in one God, the God of
> Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" without alienating somebody who may
> be interested.  And don't forget that we support a Jewish Tanach and a
> Mormon translation too!

That does not mean we cannot bring forth a statement of faith. Shipping these 
texts does not necessarily make us Mormons etc.

> My vote would be not to try to have a statement of faith at all - just to
> have our own faith in our Father God, and the Lord Jesus Christ each in
> our owh way.

There is something to it. But a line needs to be drawn. This line must be set 
by the Word of God and not by our subjective wishes. There are definitely 
"ways of faith" which stand against what God gave us as guide.
So the Bible is the first thing to agree on.
I suggest to consider the Chicago Declaration of Bible Inerrancy (the first 
one of the 3 declarations).

> Every time the church has fallen out in the past it is
> because it has tried to put in writing what it believes!

No. This is too easy. Imo problems arose when people started to put their own 
thoughts (may it be philosophical or otherwise) above what the bible says. 

Martin and Joachim