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In one way I support not having these texts as part of the program but in
other ways I like to see  these texts.

First, yes, it is well known that both the LDS and JW 'churches' are cults.
With that said, some people may not understand this completely and study
their texts as the would Scripture.  This could be dangerous for getting the
Truth out in its purest form and context.

Second, as one who likes to study and compare for defending my faith, I like
to see these texts so I can quickly search, study and equip myself for when
they come knocking on my door or just having a 'mild conversation' with
different people.

I like to see them in my software but maybe handled a bit differently.


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Here is what I don't understand, why do we support mormon texts?  It is well
known that they are a cult, what are we trying to do with this?


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Hi ........

Just back - so couldn't join in earlier.  Wonderful job.  I can see how
much more easily I could have got into Sword if I'd had this page to come
to instead of the old one.  Congratulations!

One point:  "We are working on a statement of faith".  I find this a bit
worrying.  In the short time I've been a module developer, I've talked with
folk from all persuasions including a Christadelphian.  I don't think we
could actually go any further than: "We believe in one God, the God of
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" without alienating somebody who may
be interested.  And don't forget that we support a Jewish Tanach and a
Mormon translation too!

My vote would be not to try to have a statement of faith at all - just to
have our own faith in our Father God, and the Lord Jesus Christ each in
our owh way.  Every time the church has fallen out in the past it is
because it has tried to put in writing what it believes!  Having said that,
believe in the Sword project.  May it long flourish.

God bless you all.


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