[sword-devel] BibleCS name?

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This is one of my very few posts; I vote for OpenSword.

I thought of the Hebrew/Greek option as well since I coded a musice program
for my wife and called it "Oide". The Greek "machairan" or "machaira" is
derived from the Greek "mache" which means battle or controversy; the
feminine derivative came to mean a dirk, dagger, or sword used in battle.
The Hebrew for "sword" is "chereb", pronounced keh-reb. Just to complete the
picture, "scroll" in Hebrew is "cepher (soft c) meaning book or evidence;
from the root caphar (saw-far) meaning to score to make a tally or record.
Greek for scroll is, of course, "biblion".

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> Talking of which, 'machairan' is greek for sword (from Eph 6:17)
> though it is a bit obscure.
> Daniel