[sword-devel] BibleCS name?

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I haven't spoken on this list yet because at the current time, I am way to
busy to help.. (I am hoping that will change soon.)

However, my vote would be for OpenSword.  Here is why:

- A good name can be made by combining two known words.  (easy to remember)
- "Bible" is more 'churchy' than Sword.
- "Sword" rings true to the word of God being self described as the Sword of
the spirit.  (Try doing a search in scripture for 'bible', then do a search
for 'sword'...  :-)
- "Win" seems to give credit where credit is _not_ due - to the a closed
source OS...:-(  even if it is built for that OS   (I am running windows
BTW, mainly because I love designing and coding in flash5)
- "Open" can mean many things to someone not familiar with open source code,
yet most of them are good... "open to the truth", "open the book", "open
- The name OpenSword rings in the ears a little like "open source".
- Luke 24:45 - "Then he opened their minds so they could understand the
Scriptures." (sounds like a good tag line to me :-)

We live in a world with a coming one world economy (and government?).  Kids
who may not even be able to read yet may find themselves one day fighting
for information freedom and building on open source movement that you are
starting.  Making windows bible software open source is good, and naming it
something that highlights what makes it unique is even better.  And giving
it a cool non-churchy name is icing on the cake.

Then again - a rose by any other name is still a rose ...


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> Hmm
> With OpenBible being taken, I am stumped...
> You would think with all of us working on this project we could easily
> up with a good name  :)
> Howabout some of these:
> GospelScribe
> OpenGospel
> E-Gospel
> E-Bible
> I dunno, Just kinda spurting out whatever comes to my mind cause I am
> :)
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> > >BTW, all the other suggestions come up pretty clean for
> > trademarks.  I
> > >did notice something amusing, the application for trademark
> > >registration of "God's Word", by the publishers of that translation,
> > >has been rejected initially.
> >
> > Was that because "God's Word" is a synonym for Bible?
> I think it's because it's too general.  I believe it eventually will
> (and should) be granted because they were really trying to register the
> name within a specific logo.
> --Chris