[sword-devel] BibleCS name?

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 23:01:19 -0500

As ya'll continue to consider the name of the Windows front-end, I thought
you might enjoy this little bit of history from Craig Rairdin's web site.
You might recognize Craig's name as the original programmer behind
QuickVerse. This is the story of how they settled on a name for that

from: http://www.craigr.com/csdhist.htm

One of the first orders of business upon arriving at Parsons was to name the
program. The name I'd been using for the program was not one that Bob
thought was very good, so we started working on ideas. At the time, search
speed was about the only criteria that was used to compare Bible software.
We wanted to convey the idea that the program was fast. Part of the name had
to be something like "Fast" or "Quick." This got me thinking about the verse
that says that the word of God is "quick and powerful; sharper than any
two-edged sword." I sketched out a thumbnail of an ad with the name "Sword's
Edge" with the headline "Quick and Powerful." I thought it was a pretty cool

Bob wasn't as impressed. He thought it sounded to "churchy." He wanted
something cleaner; something that would extend the reach of the product
beyond the well-churched crowd. I brought him a list of dozens of more names
constructed from words implying speed combined with words related to the
Bible ("word," "verse," "Bible"). I don't recall that he liked any of them.

After I got home it really burned me that he hadn't liked "Sword's Edge." I
called him at home and we had a long heart-to-heart about how much of a role
I was going to have in the company. It seemed like I should be able to pick
the name. Bob assured me that he wanted me to be happy with it, but that
he'd like to come up with something that we'd both be happy with. He managed
to calm me down, and in the course of the conversation I threw out two or
three of the best new names from the list. "QuickVerse" caught our

After sleeping on it, QuickVerse was chosen as the name for the product. In
retrospect, Sword's Edge was even dumber than the original name of the



Don A. Elbourne Jr.