[sword-devel] New project - interlinear Hebrew/LXX/KJV/gloss & Greek/KJV/gloss

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 13:16:59 -0700

I had an idea for a new project and wanted to poll for interest,
suggestions, and advice.

My plan is to produce a completely public domain interlinear Bible
consisting of a word-aligned Hebrew, LXX, KJV and gloss for the OT and
Greek, KJV, and gloss for the NT.  I'm considering other additions to
the mix like the WEB and Vulgate, but those are the bare minimum.  I
also want accents, points, cantillation, Strong's numbers, and
morphology marked whenever it is possible.

So far, what I believe we can use that we have are the following:
Our LXXM module, which has the LXX (unaccented), Strong's numbers (for
those words that have them), and morphology (in need of some correction
A list of Hebrew Strong's numbers and the Strong's numbers of Greek
words into which they were translated in the LXX
The KJV OT with Strong's, Vulgate, and Greek NT from bf.org
The Thayer's and BDB lexica -- though I fear these may have come from
Larry Pierce somehow, they would only be used for cross-referencing
words against Strong's numbers and vice versa
The WEB translation

I believe we MIGHT be able to use our BHS module, which states it was
intended to be public domain, but then states that it is for
non-commercial use and comes from the Deutsche Biblegesellschaft.
Possibly we could use the result of Project eL, but I'll check further
into our current BHS first as it is immediately available.

That leaves us needing, or needing to produce:
A KJV NT and Apocrypha with Strong's
Accents for the Greek OT & NT
Hebrew morphology (am I dreaming?)
Strong's and morphology for the Greek NT
Strong's marking on the WEB & Vulgate if they are included
Morphology & Strong's for the LXX Apocrypha
The gloss
A few years to put it all together

Once the process is set up, I'd like to throw together an app similar to
what Patrick Durusau described using with Project eL so that others can
help with aligning the text and other editing tasks.

Does this whole project seem entirely infeasible or merely difficult? :)

Suggestions and comments would be greatly appreciated as this is still
being planned.