[sword-devel] New Sword Website: Drum roll please...

David Overcash sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:48:35 -0500

Site looks cool, are you still looking at using Newspro?  I can get that set
up for ya
-Dave Overcash

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Subject: [sword-devel] New Sword Website: Drum roll please...

Hey Everyone,

    Well here is everyone's exclusive chance to see the new Sword website
before the general public does, don't you feel privileged! :) Troy has setup
a test server at http://www.sword.cx/sword/ , so point your browser there.
This is not the final website so please do not tell your friends about The
Sword Project and point them to this server, it is a test server only!
    Here is what I need from you, if you are so inclined, I need feedback!
Let me know if everything is setup ok, if the navigation is simple and
intuitive? If not, what do you think will make it better. Does a sentence or
paragraph not make sense? What would make it sound better. What other
comments and/or suggestions do you have about the site, both praise and
stuff that I need to change. I need the praise so I know that I am doing a
good job, but mostly I need help on what needs to change before the website
goes public. Please be very precise and descriptive when you are suggesting
a change, including the file name if need be, so that I know what you are
talking about and can work in changes quickly.
    One small note about some of the links on the website, they may not work
because they point to stuff, such as download files, that are only on the
crosswire.org server, so once the website is transferred over to the
crosswire.org server these links will work but that will only happen when we
are ready to go public. Thank you everyone for your help!

In Christ,