[sword-devel] New Sword Website: Drum roll please...

Geoffrey W Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 18:33:55 -0700

It looks very well done.

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 21:29:33 -0700 "Jonathan Hughes"
<jhughes@crosswire.org> writes:
> Hey Everyone,
>     Well here is everyone's exclusive chance to see the new Sword 
> website
> before the general public does, don't you feel privileged! :) Troy 
> has setup
> a test server at http://www.sword.cx/sword/ , so point your browser 
> there.
> This is not the final website so please do not tell your friends 
> about The
> Sword Project and point them to this server, it is a test server 
> only!
>     Here is what I need from you, if you are so inclined, I need 
> feedback!
> Let me know if everything is setup ok, if the navigation is simple 
> and
> intuitive? If not, what do you think will make it better. Does a 
> sentence or
> paragraph not make sense? What would make it sound better. What 
> other
> comments and/or suggestions do you have about the site, both praise 
> and
> stuff that I need to change. I need the praise so I know that I am 
> doing a
> good job, but mostly I need help on what needs to change before the 
> website
> goes public. Please be very precise and descriptive when you are 
> suggesting
> a change, including the file name if need be, so that I know what 
> you are
> talking about and can work in changes quickly.
>     One small note about some of the links on the website, they may 
> not work
> because they point to stuff, such as download files, that are only 
> on the
> crosswire.org server, so once the website is transferred over to 
> the
> crosswire.org server these links will work but that will only happen 
> when we
> are ready to go public. Thank you everyone for your help!
> In Christ,
> Jonathan
> jhughes@crosswire.org
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