[sword-devel] New Sword Website: Drum roll please...

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:02:12 -0700


    These are great ideas but will not probably happen before this new web
site goes live. Why? Because we do not have a JSP developer that is willing
to redo the ModDisp.jsp that controls how the Sword Module Add-ins are
listed. This maybe something that will be changed after the website goes

In Christ,

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> Ah, makes sense, now that you explained it to me!  LOL!  I should have
> noticed the logic of the grouping.
> Just a thought or three:
> 1.  Could there be a pop-up (similar to the pop ups, or whatever they are
> called, that appear when you hold the cursor over the buttons at the top
> the page) on the module hyperlinks on the download page which states the
> size of the module?
> 2.  Is it possible to place the modules under language headings and in
> alphabetical order?  I don't fully understand why everything appears to be
> so random.
> 3.  Is it possible to have a pop-up that describes the module?  Say, place
> the cursor over the KJV and get a short description of it?
> Please forgive me for making such suggestions on this mailing list and not
> on the newsgroup.  My ISP is run by Turkish citizens that did not
> my request for the address of their news server.  Thus, I couldn't
> Outlook Express to send as well as to view the newsgroup.
> Also, I am willing to write the descriptions of the English modules and
> Turkish module (I have a university student friend who could help me write
> the description in Turkish).
> In Christ,
> Jim