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Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 9 Jul 2001 16:05:53 -0700

MS reports that UTF-16 & UTF-8 were supported in IE4 on Win95, but
perhaps they failed to translate Unicode functionality over to their RTF
controls.  And NT4 (NT3.1 for that matter) ought to support Unicode
without a hitch unless it's lacking font support.


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> I use NT 4 with IE 5.5 at home and I cannot get the Unicode 
> characters to show on it either. I can only get them to work 
> when I use NT 4 with IE
> 6(Beta) which is what I use at work. So I advise that you try 
> to hold off on the upgrade to IE 5, since it doesn't seem to 
> work either.  I have a win95 machine at home with IE 4 let me 
> play with it a bit (maybe tonight) and see if I can get the 
> fonts to show right. In Christ, David Trotz

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> > I'm using Internet Explorer 4.0.  Should I upgrade?  I'm quite 
> > hesitant because of the overhead on my system.  I don't even like 
> > using IE because of all the Microsoft Security issues.