[sword-devel] new lexicons differ slightly in their index display

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 8 Jul 2001 12:37:19 -0700

> > BDB, Thayer, and AmTract are all fixed.  The others I've added recently
> > (SME, Daily, WebstersDict, and Thayer) need other small updates, so I'm
> > going to wait.
> >
> > The problem was a null entry in the first position of the module.
> and Packard?

Yes, that too. :)

I've thought about what I was going to do and am not sure I want to after all, so I'd like some other opinions...

Historically, LD modules have had an introductory entry as their first entry.  To keep it the first entry, it has a bunch of spaces preceeding the title of the module, then optionally some text.  See any of the old modules, BDB, Thayer, or AmTract for examples.

Do you think we should continue to have this introductory entry or should it be removed since it's not a proper entry and it looks out of place in the browse window on the right?