[sword-devel] Latin1UTF8

Martin Gruner sword-devel@crosswire.org
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 22:30:16 +0200

> To make things a little more convenient for front end authors, I added a
> new RenderFilter to the API called Latin1UTF8.
> It converts Latin-1 to UTF-8.  Nothing fancy.  Run it on anything that
> is not set to Encoding=UTF-8 if you want your output to always be UTF-8,
> since I don't think we have any more modules that aren't either UTF-8 or
> Latin-1.

Chris, this is so great, thank you so much.
But do you think it would be possible to convert the remaining latin1 modules 
to UTF-8?
I have 2 reasons:
a) they won't blow up much, ideally they'll stay the same size (e.g. english 
b) this will make the implementation of a new search engine much easier, 
handling different encoding schemes will unnecessarily complicate things.

When this is done we can put away the encoding= tag.
You could just change the filter to UTF8Latin1 if you think this is 
neccessary and helpful for the frontends.