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Wed, 4 Jul 2001 09:06:43 +0200 (MEST)

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>     What are the system requirements of BibleCS (or whatever it will
> called)? Also could Troy or someone that is in the know give me a list of
> about 10 or so important features of BibleCS (this is not just for the new
> version of BibleCS but I need the features of BibleCS to advertise to
> potential users on the website.) Thanks!

They should be stored in a separate place owned by the frontend project.
In nearer or farer future BibleCS should have an own website, and have
the requirements / features listed there.
You can then link to this place and save the work of keeping it 

BibleTime currently has the requirements and features in cvs.
Sourceforge offers direct cvs web access, and thereby many people
can maintain these files and users will always see the current version.

to test it.


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