[sword-devel] new/updated modules

Chris Little sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:52:39 -0700

Great testing, Stephen.  I wish we could give you a raise or something. :)

> This always shows text that looks like it should be coded as headings.
> I was wondering what BibleCS would do with blocks of verses. Do any other
> modules do this? 

Sorry about that.  I forgot to include the Headings option filter.  It's added now, so it should look pretty good.  The sections will separate as paragraphs.

There are a few instances where two verses are linked in the NCV, but that's about it (for now).  If we did the Message, that's just one big paragraph per chapter I believe.

> I think it would work slightly better if
> BibleCS positioned the text in the window so that the start of the block
> was always visible.

Troy's area. :)  What would happen if you wanted to see the end of the block and the block were longer than one screen?

> Also, we could have a module.conf
> setting, indicating that the text works with blocks, and in that case to
> highlight the block when any of the verse references from
> the block are selected.

This should be possible once BibleCS works with linked verses correctly.
> Excellent!
> N1 definitions say "...ending it -η" instead of "...ending in -η"


> V9 definitions show boxes "V9 AAS2PPart of speech: verb, progressive,
> εἰμί and εἰ̂μι"

The text is UTF-8 and needs better font support than Times New Roman can provide.  LD modules in BibleCS aren't using the font tag, so we'll get this working in 1.5.3.

> What's the difference between "C" and "C X", between "D", "D DSF", and "D
> P", between "A1 APF" and "A1A APF" etc?

I think there are errors in some of the tag names.  The way I produced the text was by taking all of the tags out of LXXM and the morphological GNT, running them through sort & uniq, and then running the list through a script that tries to interpret them.  C in the first half means conjunction. X in the second half doesn't mean anything, but in the first half means particle.  It doesn't make sense so I thing this is an invalid tag.  The same is true for some other tags.  Then, there are also a lot of tags for which there was insufficient information in the key I was using (such as all 3rd declension nouns).  I'll look in to it further and see about removing invalid tags and getting the texts themselves repaired as well.

> And... could you add definitions & examples to include for all the names
> of parts of speech etc? eg aorist, dative, dental,
> genetive, middle, participle, relative...
> Does anyone know of some great public domain definitions and examples?

I don't know how we'd manage or find definitions & examples.
However, for simple dictionary definitions...

New modules:

webstersdict: Webster's Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, 1913 (from MICRA & Project Gutenberg, with a lot of repairs and conversion to UTF-8 by me).  This is a preliminary version since I want to get some spelling variations linked in as well soon.  It needs good font support like Packard, that Times New Roman and therefore BibleCS can't handle at the moment.  You might not notice this for 90% of the words though.  It's extremely large (40mb).  Words are also indexed in UTF-8, so BibleCS will also need UTF-8 support built into the index on the right side.

sme: Spurgeon's Mornings & Evenings
daily: Bagster's Daily Light on the Daily Path

Morning and evening reads are combined in both.  I thought the daily devotional stuff being worked on was pretty cool, so I added a couple new ones.  They have rather long entries that don't work well in the 1.5.2 splash screen, so I would recommend that the new one being worked on include a scroll bar. :)  They'll work fine as LD modules, if you have that option turned on.