[sword-devel] Open Content Creation

Jerry Hastings sword-devel@crosswire.org
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 01:29:12 -0700

At 09:04 AM 1/30/2001 -0500, Will wrote:
>What about getting volunteers to translate some of the commentaries and
>material that is PD and available at CCEL and similar sites?  Putting that
>into German, French, Spanish, etc. would be a tremendous service, and it
>not be "Tom, Dick or Harry" content.

That could work. You want a good proofreader for the language in question.

>machine translation

Machines produce very bad grammar. Even worse than mine. But, it would be 
an interesting experiment to see if after it was proofread and edited if it 
would be quality and time efficient.

>What about contacting a few people and seeing
>if they want
>to contribute to a world-wide open source library?

Perhaps Troy can set up a public FTP incoming for it. If not, I can provide 
one. We just need someone with an unpublished work.

>What about all of the back-listed books that they hold
>copyright on
>but are never likely to re-issue for various reasons?  Might some of the
>publishers be
>willing to work with the Sword Project on permission to use these more dated

Worth a shot.