[sword-devel] Open Content Creation

Don A. Elbourne Jr. sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 12:34:10 -0600

I'd like to come at the copyright issue from a little different angle. With
all due respect to Jonathan and his "Copyright Battle," it is going to be
very difficult to convince publishers to give away the material that puts
food on their table. Instead, why not begin an open content creation

There are a few things to consider before circumventing the traditional
publication process. For those interested I'd recommend reading a very
interesting article, "Publishers: Who Needs Them?" by David J. A. Clines

I'd be interested to hear what others think. Instead of trying to wrestle
copyrights out of the clinched fists of those "rotten, no-good, selfish,
greedy, heartless, un-Christ-like, publishers" why not just create content
ourselves? What would be the barriers to such a project? what should the
goals be? What type of content should be created?

Any feedback is welcome.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.