[sword-devel] modules for debian

Ivan E. Moore II sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:44:54 -0700

> > I'm trying to sort out exactly which modules would be considered as 
> > core and would be necessary for a base install of sword. Not every 
> > module can be in Debian, just a few, so we need to decide which 
> > ones.
> I don't understand the reason for the Debian restriction. Some general
> licencing with the modules' material or a Debianism? What about other
> Linux distributions, e.g. RedHat, Mandrake, SuSE; subject to the same
> restrictions?

There are no restrictions.  It's preference.  There are several hundred
megs worth of modules for sword.  They could potentially take up their 
own CD.  Debian developers (not sure about other distros) are not going to
be too happy (nor will the mirrors) about increasing the size of the 
distribution by a 1/3 with non-technical packages that are specific to


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