[sword-devel] Re: Volunteer and Project Management

Jonathan Hughes sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 19:13:28 -0800

Dear Everyone,

    I understand that there are people that head up each section, of the
Sword project, like Joachim, Terry, etc. But I also see a need for someone
that will push something's through that each subproject needs to be doing,
this includes documentation, and volunteer coordinating. This way some of
the daunting tasks of project management can be given to someone else and
the leaders can focus on specifically developing and directing the
volunteers under them. Does this make sense? I will put up at
some of my ideas for the hierarchy of project management, what documentation
needs to be seen, and the areas I see the new redesigned Sword website needs
to have. Please give me corrects, thoughts, etc. on this plan. I just want
to see, one or more positions and people created to help all projects work
together and someone to push for documentation and volunteer coordination,
so we can get people in here, to work on things and get stuff done! Then
maybe Joachim will not be the only one developing BibleTime, the Sword
Project can have a new website, that can be updated easily, and will provide
the users with more documentation on installation, and also documentation
for developers on how to get started and creating modules (please this! then
we will not have as many posts on the sword-support mailing list! :) )
Thanks for the time you will take to check everything out. I welcome all

In Christ,