[sword-devel] Sword CD

Leon Brooks sword-devel@crosswire.org
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 21:23:15 +0800

Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi Troy!
> I updated the Sword CD a little bit (new KDE 2.01 sources in 
> GOODIES/misc.linux, removed old KDE-1.91 sources, uploaded current BibleTime 
> 0.25 and 0.31 binary and source packages, removed /sword-1.51/ and replaced 
> it by /sword-1.51a/), removed bibletime-0.31pre from the BETA directory).
> I tried to get gnomesword, but I can't find a program on the server to get 
> file using the http protocoll. Is there any?

Try PUTting stuff, also; a common Unix program for fetching things (HTTP 
and FTP) is wget. To fetch a single file, use:

     wget http://website.name/path/to/file

To fetch a whole directory tree:
     wget -r http://website.name/path/to/top/directory

If there is no wget installed, you can use lynx like this:

     lynx -dump http://website.name/path/to/file >file

To move a directory tree, archive it up at the source end, fetch it as 
above, and upack it on the target end. If you are using SecureShell to 
access the server, you can try:

     scp login@source:/path/to/file login@target:

(use scp -r to take a whole directory tree). This has the added 
advantage of exposing neither content nor passwords during the transfer. 
If you are sending stuff from a Windows (hawk, spit) workstation to a 
Unix server, I use and recommend pscp.exe from the PuTTY website (search 
for that on google.com) at the Windows end.

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