[sword-devel] portability

Uwe Koloska sword-devel@crosswire.org
Mon, 15 Jan 2001 11:44:46 +0100

You wrote on Montag, 15. Januar 2001 02:45:
>SO SORRY FOLKS - please ignore the las post from me - it was sent on the
>wrong address....
>An old fool......
>Bill <><

Please learn from this, to only cite the part of the message that you need 
for your answer.  If you have cited the message at the top and tried to 
delete all unwanted stuff, you have seen that the topic is _very_ different.

So folks: Outlook is a mess -- but if you want / need to continue using it, 
rework the settings!!!  (for example: no html mail, cite message above, ...)

  For german people there is a good OE FAQ at

Thank you

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right now the web page is in german only
but this will change as time goes by ;-)